Catherine Brink

Direct: (604) 259-2427
Email: catherine@harbourlaw.ca

I am a certified family law mediator and experienced Collaborative practitioner. My practice includes out-of-court resolution of family law matters as well as relationship planning (marriage and cohabitation agreements).

The approach I take to resolving conflicts is probably quite different from the stereotypical image you might have of a lawyer. I have found that using the Collaborative divorce process, mediation or cooperative negotiation brings about the most satisfying solutions for clients. I have been to court and have experience in both Provincial and Supreme Court hearings and trials, and have decided to focus my family practice solely on out-of-court settlement for a number of years now.

My true passion is helping clients to find meaningful resolution and to bring out their best selves in often difficult situations. I believe that with the right process and support, the problems we face can become the building blocks for a profoundly rewarding life.


Merel Veldhuis

Direct: (604) 259-2428
Email: merel@harbourlaw.ca

My job as a family law lawyer is to provide you with a pragmatic, big picture view of how to navigate the difficult process of divorce and separation with an eye to the long-term health and happiness of you and your family. Whether I am facilitating a Collaborative divorce, a negotiated settlement or a mediation, I help my clients to see beyond the friction and emotions of the moment to achieve an equitable and durable settlement, enabling them to move forward with their lives in the healthiest way possible.